After months since I haven’t visited looking for their acclaim section Big Picture.I came to realize has ruined the user experience by adding a marketing tool, now, if you desire to watch the full selection of interesting pictures, you have to answer a marketing question.

Am I the only who feels anger about how awfully intrusive marketing has become in a decade?

I just gotta say in behalf the people who dislike this marketing techniques, I will look something else.

Good Bye Big Picture

The First Post


This is my first post in this my developing website, I’ve been very enthusiastic about a Sony NEX7 I bought recently, I’ve been reading and trying to find what will make have the best for this little yet amazing camera.

In the picture you can see a test I have made between a Sony 50mm 1.8 e-mount and a EOS Carl Zeiss 50mm 1.4, I’ve been searching and since I had this Carl Zeiss Lens I wanted to see if mount converters were really an option since there are many options to mount whatever the lens brand you want to a NEX7.

In this case the result is pretty clear, converters make you lost to many information in the details,even a 5D Mark I (half megapixels compared to the NEX7) had more details that the NEX7 with the Carl Zeiss, I wonder if the results mounting a summilux would be the same…

Anyway, I don’t own a summilux but I will still make some more Test on NEX7 and the EOS mount converter and keep on uploading my results.

This is my personal Portfolio, Welcome.