Loydis First Digital Catalogue

Loydis Gifts International is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of figurines and complements for all kind of celebrations.

Yearly, Loydis would announced through a printed catalog their new models of their awaited figurines for Baptism, First Communion and Weddings.

Loydis desiring to innovate, decided to release in 2016 the first digital catalog in it’s field taking advantage of all the advantages a digital format could offer changing from a yearly catalog to a bi annual catalog with frequent updates in between.

Loydis Catalogue became dynamic, flexible and able to be updated with regularity and having all stock up to date.

Client: Loydis Gifts International
Project Name: Loydis Catalogue
Website: loydis.com
Project Categories:Design, Photography, Retouch, Layout
Developed in: N/A